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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Learning - Update 2

since it was raining today and we couldn't go out, decided to try out another "alphabet session" with kaira today.

It was the letter B and i think this is a better session than the first one. she was a bit more interested in the art and craft work. and could recognise the word "Bus" without the image (don't know is it fluke or what... will test her again later ;p).

and again she surprised me by remembering certain things. one of the words i taught her was "binoculars" and she said "auntie". I was like "which auntie/what auntie"??

then i recalled that we sat next a lady who was using a pair of binoculars during the cruise and we told her that "auntie is using binoculars to see far far". and so i asked her "O, are you talking about the auntie on the ship? auntie can see far far? "

She nodded her head. [i assume she really knows what i am talking about...hehehe)

Anyway, we did a binoculars craft and she was obviously very delighted with her very own and keep telling me "see far far".

(pardon the super duper simple and ugly binoculars.... :p at least she didn't mind! hah!).


The Woos said...

If you think it's safe enough, get a long string (so that she won't choke) and put as a strap fro the binoculars. Think she may like to hang around her neck? That's what Trisha likes to do. =)

Ms Long said...

thanks for the tip! =)