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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

Am reminded last night of my answered prayer with regards to the eye styes that i frequently suffer from all these years.

I really cannot remember when i started having eye styes. but once i had it, it was a recurring problem. i get them like a few times a year in spite of the care that i take when "handling" my eyes.... i don't wear lenses, i don't wear eye make up, i try to keep my eye area clean and what have u... but the styes just like to visit me ;(

usually it doesn't pose much of a problem and it goes away by itself and sometimes (in fact several times), they are stubborn, gets infected and i have to have a "minor surgery" to clean up the affected eye.

i've done it so many times, i pity my eyes!

anywayz, last year i had a really bad one which became a chalazia (a biger version of the stye i suppose) and i had to have the procedure done early this year when i was back in singapore.

i was kind of fed up with my eyes really.

So i prayed. Sometimes, i think this is a "small thing" and i don't think i really prayed about it before. just accepted that i suffer from them and expect them to heal naturally. Anywayz, i decided to ask God to protect my eyes and help me so that i don't have to "suffer" unnecessary cuts to my eyes and thankfully, i haven't had another stye since we came back to eindhoven in Feb this year.

although its only 4 months, its a "long" time for me, to be stye-free! Praise the Lord. He is so faithful even to a thing as small as this.

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