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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A farewell lunch

We met for lunch with PeiPei, Lawrence & Trisha who will be heading home to singapore soon! (lucky them!)

Even though we have known them only for a short time, we are blessed with this frenship cos they are really helpful :). wished that our 2 gals could have spent more time together but alas, distance and time, both factors working against us. but still glad that they are always ready to meet us ;)

Anywayz, prior to lunch, in the car ride, Kaira keep calling out their names, auntie pei pei, uncle lawrence and jie jie, but when we met them, she again displayed her "Atas" personality.... running away from friendly Trisha who wanted to hug her and play with her! haizz.

But, she was surprisingly friendly with a Hong Konger auntie sitting @ the next table. No idea how/why she chooses to be friendly to certain people??? guess, that's the privilege of being a toddler -- we cannot totally understand them! hahaha =P

yeah, finally a photo with the Woos! we have met a few times and the first time we took a picture together ;p

a very friendly trisha. too bad, kaira didn't "return" the friendliness!

hope kaira will grow to be as friendly as trisha! :)

best of friends!

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