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Monday, June 01, 2009

Do I personify "city-living"???

Yesterday, a little chick (errr, is that how i should call the young of a bird?) fell from its nest which is in the tree in our back garden onto the ground. and of course the mummy bird has not means to bring it back up.

Anyway, hubbie asked me "What do you think we should do with it?"

My immediate reply, "O, throw it into the green bin (which is for garden rubbish) when its dead."

Hubbie looked at me incredulously. He was actually thinking whether to build a little bird house and also see how we can look after the little birdie.

Ooops. We are worlds apart where "nature" is of concern. LOLOL

I am SO not into animals, nature (read : bugs, insects and what have u) .... that's why i don't really bother with the garden =P

Really think i am such a "city" gal -- totally not in sync with nature!!

1 comment:

The Woos said...

Hahahah! I can imagine Issac's incredulous look.

wah, you are really a city girl. dun worry, we totally not into nature as well and hate gardening, else we would have chosen to stay in a hse here rather than an apartment! =)