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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Cold Lunch

When i first arrived in eindhoven, and realised that lunch to the dutch usually means bread+cheese+ham/sausage (i think some may drink soup), i am like "yipes" .... maybe i will eat it for one day, but everyday?? *shudder*.

firstly, i don't like bread. next, i don't really fancy cheese. so the bread+cheese combination would just kill me! give me char kway teow, duck rice and what have u anytime!

but i have changed.

i have a bread+cheese+ham lunch at least 2 times a week now! geeez, y am i so "unprincipled" ??? lololol. but its really a hassle-free and "don't have to crack my brains" too much option for lunch!

plus, the organic Jong cheese i tried recently was very mild and nice tasting! HA. yet another change in my life.

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