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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bye Bye Pacifier

today is the first day she's sleeping without her beloved "paci" (as she calls it). cried a fair bit during her morning nap. this evening, also cried, but considerably less. hopefully she will be fully adjusted soon.

actually, had not intended to wean her off the pacifier. it was a "chance" opportunity cos she woke up ard 5am this morning and called for me to help look for her pacifier. she usually doesn't do that, as she can find it and then go back to sleep on her own. but the pacifier dropped onto the floor this morning and i couldn't find it either (in my sleepy state!)

instead of getting her a new one, i just told her, "cannot find pacifier. no more. kaira night night with bolster, pooh bear and big bird. kaira night night in own bed." and after some carrying and patting, she was OK and drifted back to sleep on her own.

so i thought, OK, maybe this is THE TIME to wean her off. Let's see how things go.

poor gal. sometimes feel so "evil" for depriving her of her "beloved". =P

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