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Sunday, June 21, 2009

19th month

her 19th month has been a "busy" month for her....

(1) several teeth sprouting!!! yeah! finally! @ 18 months she has only like 5 teeth (and not fully formed)...and suddenly in early june, i could feel/see a few teeth sprouting. mummy was very excited... hehehe. the last i counted, 6 of them coming out at the same time. no wonder she was such a terror to feed the last month! but she's better now and her appetite is better these days.

(2) Feeding -- even though her appetite is better these days, she's still difficult to feed when we are outside. she's totally distracted by her surroundings and prefer to "play" than eat. ;( but at home, she's quite OK, usually finishes everything and quite cooperative. even the "carrot" of having "outside food" doesn't tempt her enough to sit down to eat. in fact, she seems quite disinterested in adult food, which is surprising to me, cos she used to be so happy when we feed her our food in the past.

now, she has developed the habit of "grazing" .... eat one or 2 mouthfuls and off she goes to play. sometimes she just eats bread ;(.

she also play "favorites" -- eating what she likes only.

i really don't know if i should be concerned about such bad "eating habits"??

(3) speaking -- the last we counted (about 1 week back), she has a vocab of more than 150 words. we decided to stop counting ... lost track. =P she's really busy being a "parrot" these days... always repeating what we say. and trying to string more words together.

one thing though, think i have to make a conscious effort to speak to her more often in mandarin. i tend to rattle on in english.

(4) she's getting more attentive to craft work like painting, playing with the play dough and so forth.

(5) socially, she's better in small groups. definitely not as shy and reserved. but put her in a big group, her insecurity starts to show and she sticks to us and wants us to carry her. not sure what else we can do to help her here. guess we just go with the flow and sooner/later she will mature and be confident.

here's a photo of her taken a few days before she turned 19 months in a pretty dress bought for her by her 奶奶. Thank you 奶奶!

1 comment:

Grace said...

same here with Eliza...she's just glued to me when there's too many people. Should be quite a normal friend's girl also. Or is it a girl thing?