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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Road To Paris

The Ride To/From Paris
It was supposed to be a 4hr 15 min drive to paris but cos of road closures and traffic delay, we took almost 5 hours plus an hour break for lunch, which meant that the whole journey was ard 6 hours. Thank God it was really smooth and Kaira was quite cooperative! Hallelujah. Of course she had her bouts of crying cos she wanted to get down and walk about and what have u, but those were very short moments and happened like once or twice so it was really manageable and we both concluded it was a smooth ride! Gives us confidence to do such road trips again :)

On the way to Paris, she got bored that she started digging her nose *faints*
Please, don't ask me who she learnt it from! LOLOL.

The ride home was even better than the ride to paris cos alot of the yellow fields were blooming and we saw vast lands of "gold" and cos the sun was out, it was really an enjoyable time looking out of our car windor and enjoying the countryside! Unfortunately i didn't capture any shot.

The Weather
The weather forecast wasn't very encouraging before the trip as it showed rainy and wet days for most of the week. But thank God we saw very little of the rain! although on the first 2 days it was cloudy and dark clouds were always looming! But it rained mostly @ nite and while we were indoors ! hehehe. when we were ready for the outdoors, the sun was out. Thank God for answering my prayers. I was praying very hard that it won't be rainy cos that will be such a damper!

More on the sights and our experience in later posts!

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