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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Paris Discoveries

Metro Maze -- less complicated than the Japanese subway i think, but nevertheless quite a maze. so must read and plan carefully and know which stations are the interchanges. Plus, its so pram-unfriendly! lots of stairs (up & down) and lots of walking especially if one is changing train. hardly any escalators/lifts although a few of the stations do have them. I think Parisian mummies who travel alone with their child do not take the subway! If they do, i don't know how they manage to do it alone!
So glad we bought a lightweight stroller for the trip (tips from past travellers!). cannot imagine lugging the heavy weight around!

Traiteur -- think it means delicatessen or something...but to me it means TAKEAWAY available! there are quite a few of them near the hotel we stayed and usually they are japanese/chinese takeaway -- a very welcoming sight for us! hehehe. we had chinese takeaway for dinner on our last nite. But still not as "cheap" as we imagined it to be! but could also be because we were overenthusiastic about the 菜饭 and ordered enuff for 4 instead of 2 ;) costs us 21 euros!!! hahahah. but at least we felt VERY SATISFIED after the meal. ;) we are such deprived souls ;) of course if we wanted to save $$, we would have just ate bread+cheese (but i so totally dislike this option!!! hehehehe)

Food -- most eat-in places open for dinner @ 7pm. we discovered that when we went to Chinatown for our Asian Food "fix" on the second night. we are early diners, wanted to have dinner ard 6+pm...hehehe, goood thing one of the japanese restaurant kindly agreed to serve us even though we arrived @ abt 630pm. :)

One of things that i was excited about thinking about paris, wasn't the 3-star michelin food (which i know i won't have the chance the taste this time round ;p) -- it was Chinatown!!! hahahaha. goes to show how lacking eindhoven is in this area. so i was very happy to have japanese dinner on our second nite!

Coming back to dining time, one area which serves food all day round is the Latin Quarters... no need to "wait" till 7pm! ALthough it is extremely touristy an area, i kind of liked it there, cos its lively and the service friendly! (probably due to the competition) and though not exceeding great, the foods OK. and reasonably priced.

After all, this is Paris, if one wants to dine-in, it is not cheap. our average lunch bill is ard 20 euros and dinner food bill is abt 25 to 40 euros for 2 persons. (now u know why we decided to have take away on our last nite. in fact, we skipped dinner on our first nite and had cereal for dinner....hehehe.) we usually choose to dine-in, cos we needed a place to feed kaira.... abit difficult to feed her on the go. else we would have chosen the cheaper option of having a sandwich on the go.

Anyway, back to the food -- the quality of our meals were mostly average. Unlike our experience in Italy, though equally expensive, sometimes more, most of the time we get really good food and felt that its worth the $$$.

Well, maybe we weren't eating at the right places. Next time, if we go back to Paris again, we hope to do better!

The Louvre Museum is closed on Tuesday! We made a wasted trip cos we didn't check the museum opening time! Had to go back again on Thursday.

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