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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Baltic & Russia Cruise Holiday

This is our first cruise holiday and we weren't really sure what to expect. And we were initially concerned that we will be bored on board cos i have the impression that cruises are "eat and sleep" vacations...and errr, for old folks =P .... hahahah....

(ok, for me technically my second as i went on a cruise to nowhere when i was a teen with my parents. but i have very vague memories of the cruise experience honestly. and it was only 2D1N).

but, it was a really pleasant experience and we will definitely consider another cruise holiday! hubbie likes the idea that the hotel is "following" us from destination to destination, don't have to worry about packing and unpacking. plus the destinations were new to us and so quite exciting! and of course, like i mentioned in my earlier post, kaira enjoyed the cruise and that's such a plus!

This was our itinerary :

Day 1 : embarkation @ Amsterdam passenger terminal
Day 2 : At Sea
Day 3 : Copenhagen, Denmark
Day 4 : At Sea
Day 5 : Stockholm, Sweden
Day 6 : Helsinki, Finland
Day 7 : St Petersburg, Russia
Day 8 : Tallin, Estonia
Day 9 : Bornholm, Denmark
Day 10 : At Sea
Day 11 : back @ Amsterdam & Home Sweet Home.

We booked the cruise which is classified under "Baltic & Russia" as it included several scandinavian destinations which were places I wanted to visit...personally think this itinerary is great! hehehe. gives one a glimpse of the major cities with a few surprises thrown in. i had no idea what "Tallin" was about and i was kind of lazy and didn't do any research on it. Guess what, this is our favorite destination of the entire itinerary!!(notice i say glimpse! not for those who wants an in depth exploration of the place/country! but for people like us with a toddler, i think this is just nice! i will wait till i can travel without her, to spend more time in each country!)

The most disappointing was Helsinki. No wonder Kimi speaks like this. LOLOLOLOL.

K, shall write more about each destination soon :)

Here's us on the first day on board.

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