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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

About Work (even though its so "long" ago)

Much has been said about the AWARE saga that took place recently.... i do not intend to discuss it or give my views.... water under the bridge.

But something that caught my attention when i read the reports was that Josie Lau (the president of the exco which was given a vote of no confidence) is supposed to be heading the credit card marketing team @ DBS Bank.

And it made me wonder how is it that she has the energy and time to engage in an ECA (such as AWARE) that requires such time and commitment and if she had continued in her post, that she believed that she has the capacity to manage the demands of both positions.

Or maybe its just me? that i can be so consumed with work that i do not have time nor energy to even think about having "ECAs" much less be involved in one. i mean, if i have time, i would like to REST, catch up with friends or just laze around. i do not have the passion for something else that may require more energy than sipping tea! heehee.

i wasn't even heading the entire card marketing team then. Just a sub-team reporting to the head of marketing. But that was enough. My job totally consumed me. If my memory serves me right, i worked an average of 12 hours a day. The only time i have to exercise was mid-night!! (and yup, i made hubbie accompany me for my jogs which is usually ard 11pm-12am, to ensure my safety.....hehehe) by the time i get to bed, its ard 1am or even later. and i am in the office no later than 8am. some weekends were spent working (whether at the agency, events or what have u). and sometimes even have to spend the night at agency to get whatever needs to be out.

i really wonder how is her workload? if it's as consuming as mine, then hats off to her that she even considered taking on something extra which requires alot of commitment and time. (but of course, now no need lah! since they have to step down now). if it's less consuming than mine, what has changed since my departure from the card industry? or may be she's the kind of boss who manage to have a work-life balance ?????? ( between the lines... ;p)

Or was it just me? An over-committed work-horse (work dog?? whatever). ;)

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