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Sunday, May 03, 2009

More thoughts on paris

Le Marais -- when i read the description of this area on the net, i was quite excited and certainly looked forward to seeing the "beautiful french houses" which were supposed to be plentiful. But, hmmmmm, they were nice, but weren't as beautiful as i imagined! ;p But this is definitely an area for the hip and cool. lots of boutiques, galleries, cafes and it is a nice area to stroll, window shop and one may chance upon some unique items! the area has an arty feel.... and fashionable as well but not the Champs Elysees type if u know what i mean.

-- i did so much walking my legs ached on the 2nd day. even though i wore my sneakers...maybe next time i should bring my sports shoes instead! but guess its only through walking that one can "see" !

Madeleines -- was expecting to see this everywhere!! but haahah.... nope.... but i bought my madeleine mould! yeah! will go search for a recipe to try it out soon :)

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