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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kaira's 18th month

She's really into asserting herself and it's becoming increasingly difficult to deal with her each.

Feeding times, which used to be soooooo easy cos she eats almost everything offered to her and she's always very enthusiastic about meal times, have been a challenge. There are days when she refused to eat what she's been offered (even though she used to love them) and she's also less adventurous in trying new things! and some days, she just wants to eat what she likes!! like cake, yoghurt and biscuits. nothing else. thank God she still likes to eat her fruits. It was especially difficult during our trip to Paris. she basically doesn't want to it proper meals. she just wants to snack! very notti gal; same for our cruise holiday. =(

Hope that she will be back to her enthusiastic eating self soon.

But she's making good progress in term of feeding herself with the fork and spoon. Although many times she will prefer to use her fingers, but she's definitely more accurate now with the fork and spoon. But its still a messy affair ;)

Speech -- she now likes to imitate words that we say. and ine arly May, she suddenly was into 2 words... like down stairs, go there, bottle, people, hold hands etc etc. She like to practice them. and she will surprise me with new combinations each day! such is joy :) like one day she was standing on her stool. she likes us to hold her hands to help her to come down and usually she will stretch out her hands and call "ma ma" and indicate that she wants to be hand-held. but that day, she said "hold hands" without any prompting. took me by surprise :) and within a few days she's trying to say 3 syllable words. and she's into imitating whatever we are saying now. so very cute sometimes.

Singing -- when we turn on the music she will sometimes "hum" along...especially when in the car. very cute. although it doesn't sound anything at all like the tune being played...hehehe.

Stickiness -- she's very sticky to us. Since coming back from singapore, we had a hard time adjusting her back to sunday school. Before we left for singapore, we could leave her there with the sunday school teacher & other kids and she was fine. But since we got back from singapore, she will cry when we leave the room :( so we have to stay there with her. Honestly do not know how to help her. everyday during the week, i will tell her not to cry in sunday school, that there's nothing to be afraid about, that we will come back to pick her up, and she will nod her head. but when it comes to the actual day, she cries buckets!! i hope she overcomes this soon, i cannot imagine how she will be when i have to put her in school next year.

Stickiness to Papa -- whenever he's around, the mummy here becomes invisible. in fact, i imagine that you would think that i am the "evil stepmother" who tortures her when her papa is away when you see how she behaves sometimes when her papa is around.

Others -- she surprised me sometimes when she will keep the toys she's playing with, without me asking! o wow. i wish that she will do it every time!! then, the house will be much neater =) but alas, she only does it for certain sets of toys and only when she's in the mood.

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