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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Helsinki & Bornholm

Helsinki wasn't as interesting a destination as Copenhagen & Stockholm which were before it on the itinerary. And after visiting 2 very vibrant and beautiful cities, the expectations kind of built up, resulting in disappointment.

and as we thought there is nothing much to do see around the city centre, we decided to make an unplanned side trip to Soumenlinna, a sea fortress built on a few islands. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All i can say is that not all UNESCO World Heritage Sites are equal in terms of their "charms" =P although they definitely are rich in history.

Bornholm was probably a good way to end the cruise. Its a quiet danish countryside and makes me want to retire there! hehehe. apparently, a decent nice looking house costs ard 50,000 euros or something like that according to the guide. So affordable isn't it!!

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