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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Frustrated Papa

I had to post this picture cos this was a really bad day for Papa Chow. This is our 4th day @ Paris and Kaira was really quite cranky at times and very difficult. she only wants her Papa to carry her and will cry like i am torturing her if i had to carry her while Papa do his stuff. and of all days, we decided to spend the afternon in the Louvre museum and she was totally uncooperative!! really can't see much. maybe we have too high expectations on the little one ah! it's really too much to expect her to be "kuai kuai" while confined in the museum! hahahah

Plus, we couldn't find the flea market that Papa Chow was looking for and to add to his woes, i was really pissed cos the metro ride was such a "challenge". we had to change metro 3 times and I HAD TO LUG the pram UP AND DOWN so many flights of stairs [cos dear little miss kaira only wants her Papa to carry her!!!!) that I got cranky and showed him my black face!! *OOOOPSSS* now he has to deal with 2 CRANKY gals!! ;) very bad day for him.

so here he is, with his "sianzzz" look outside the Louvre Museum (kaira was sleeping.) trying to recharge with a glass of wine! hahahaha. Poor Guy.

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The Woos said...


Issac really looks very pissed! hope his mood turned better after that glass of wine! =)