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Monday, May 04, 2009


cannot deny that i have aged. not just because i get physically worned out quickly but also my body is showing "signs" of age. 真的是岁月的摧残.

i have always known that certain foods trigger "allergic reactions" in me and it shows on my face. flushed redness, sometimes bumps and what have u. but when i was younger, these reactions go off fairly quickly (say a day or 2) and things are back to normal again.

so, being the food loving me, i don't really restrict my diet or avoid foods that may cause such reactions.

but now, it's a different story. the reactions takes a longer time to heal and the effects are definitely worse. :( if i am to try to identify the list of foods that will results in allergic reactions, i think its gonna be a long list!! and do i want to avoid them for the rest of my life?? haizzz. i am not sure.

but i also don't like bumps on my face, redness etc cos it looks hideoussssss!!! aaaargh. some days even hubbie asked me what's wrong with my face?? ;( so sad.

i know i shouldn't drink alcohol, eat peanuts, prawn and other seafood. i know i should avoid spiced mixes. certain biscuits as well. but if i do that, my diet will be so BLAND!! yucks!!

allergy, eczema, rosacea whatever the term is ...... i wish i could turn back the clock where skin is of concern! no creams/potions whatever which i've tried helps! although i am currently using the weleda almond cream which helps a little...just a teeny weeny bit.

its just horrible to wake up to a flushed face, sometimes bumpy too! but i think it's worse if i have to restrict my diet! ;p

so there, FOOD vs FACE, food wins (for now at least!).

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