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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Zoo in Rotterdam

On Saturday, we made our way to the urban zoo here! i say its urban cos as u walk through the zoo, u can see trains, cars, apartments and so forth surrounding it. feels kinda strange ...hehehe...guess we prefer the Singapore Zoo style ... a more "green" setting.

the weather, well, not as sunny as we hoped for! abit disappointing. but good thing the zoo has a few enclosed areas where we can hide from the wind and cold! and one good thing abt the cool weather though, we don't get so tired easily...despite alot of walking! i remember when we were @ the SIngapore Zoo, we got tired very sooooon!! old liao.

and it was good to be with friends as we met up with Pei Pei, Lawrence & Trisha for this outing! Even though the adults don't have much time to interact cos we were busy with the little one and enjoying the sights, but somehow, it felt different. :) it's good to have company while doing things with the little one .... something we lack. hehehe.

not sure if we will be able to meet up with them again, cos they are going back to SG soon and they have a packed schedule ahead! ;p

and kaira is such a funny gal. on our ride there, i told her we are meeting aunty pei pei, uncle lawrence & trisha jie jie. so she kept repeating "pei pei" in the car and a word similar to "jie jie" (but not sure). but when she saw them, she was in her shy mode and was quite "atas" leh ... funny gal. only warmed up during lunch and the play time. other times, she juz "ignore" trisha who was very friendly.

and then, when we reached home, she kept saying "pei pei" again and the sound like "jie jie" word. and she keep signing "where"? so i had to tell her, o, aunty pei pei and trisha jie jie went home already. and she had this disappointed look on her face. so cute.

well, not sure if we do meet up another time, whether she will be a more friendly gal then?

here's some photos to share. (minus the animals)

and here are 2 videos of the gals.

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