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Monday, April 20, 2009

Kitchen Happenings

When I was living in hong kong, i always "complain" about the lack of an oven in our home. and for 4 years i was not able to bake at all!! felt so deprived cos i really like to bake.

So it was good that we have an oven (although an old one) here and i think i have made quite good use of it :) :) cos the cakes/muffins that i can buy here, just do not seem to taste the same....heehee. Recently, i am into baking corn muffins....u know, like kenny rogers corn muffins? *yumz* but i must admit, they don't taste as nice as kenny rogers lah! but i really like corn muffins and i had a sudden craving one day so went on the net to search for a recipe. even hubbie commented that its not bad.

On a unrelated topic, the other "happening" in my kitchen is that i learnt to fry "noodles/meehoon" and am doing it so often now. Put it this way, if i had wanted to eat noddles/meehoon in the past, i would have just gone to the hawker centre in singapore or 茶餐厅 in hong kong and have my pick without burning my pocket! really no need to fry them @ home rite?? now, no choice, but to learn how to fry them! i remember doing it once (or was it twice??) in hong kong and it just couldn't make it! so i hardly fry noodles....hehehe. i had to give it a go again and after a few tries (sometimes TOO WET sometimes TOO DRY), they are pretty decent now.

There, another positive outcome from living here, i learnt how to cook noodles!!! ;) hahahaha.


The Woos said...


you can try frying mee sua too. Just boil the mee sua in boiling water, once cooked, then put into the wok with other stuff and fry. Easy for Kaira to eat too. I always fry that for Trisha and that counts as my lunch too. =)

Ms Long said...

thanks for the suggestion!! never thought of frying mee sua... OK will definitely bear this in mind and try it one day.

The Woos said...

no problem!

not sure if you cook soup noodles/mee sua/mee hoon for Kaira or not. It's another simple and quick way to fix Trisha's and my own lunch too.

Use chicken stock (preferably homemade) and boil with other veg/meat and dump the noodles/meehoon/meesua in, voila! lunch is ready! I usually use veg like spinach, xiao bai cai, then shred chicken and sometimes scrambled eggs into the soup noodles.