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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

@ 17 months

she's very "commanding". Telling me to "take", "pick", "scoop" all the time. I become "阿四"了 ! hahaha

she has also become fussier when it comes to eating. things that she used to like to eat, she suddenly doesn't like. and when there's something that she likes, she only wants that and nothing else. For example, breakfast, she used to love bread. not anymore! her favorite now is yoghurt (and must self feed).

she loves sand. and everyday she wants to go to the park to "dig".

she is still very sticky to me/hubbie. cannot let us out of her sight. even @ the park, when she's playing with the sand, she wants to sit close to me and wants to "dig" together with her.

when she's happy, she's very giggly. i love her giggles.

she likes to give us "back massages" these days.... ok, maybe a more appropriate term is scratching our backs.... hahahaha.

she's such a "BIG" gal now. love her "pensive" look :)

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