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Monday, April 27, 2009

Off to Paris

We are heading to paris on Monday morning for a week. Praying for good weather (as weather forecast was rainy for part of the upcoming week....hope that will change!) and a smooth ride there.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Active Kaira

This is what she likes to do almost everyday! Good thing there are 4 different playgrounds within walking distance of our place, so that keeps her happy and occupied....

Random Shots

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Of Flies & Insects

Much as I love the warmer weather that spring brings, the flip side are the numerous flies and insects that are out in full force! guess they are also coming out of their hibernation ;p

Slim Hopes

Wonder if all these cycling here will result in slimmer thighs ??? LOL. HOPE HOPE HOPE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No More

Today is the first time i heard her say 2 words together without prompting. And it was "No More". But, i ask her to repeat, she didn't want to. Hmmm....wonder if its one off, or is this the beginning of more?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

@ 17 months

she's very "commanding". Telling me to "take", "pick", "scoop" all the time. I become "阿四"了 ! hahaha

she has also become fussier when it comes to eating. things that she used to like to eat, she suddenly doesn't like. and when there's something that she likes, she only wants that and nothing else. For example, breakfast, she used to love bread. not anymore! her favorite now is yoghurt (and must self feed).

she loves sand. and everyday she wants to go to the park to "dig".

she is still very sticky to me/hubbie. cannot let us out of her sight. even @ the park, when she's playing with the sand, she wants to sit close to me and wants to "dig" together with her.

when she's happy, she's very giggly. i love her giggles.

she likes to give us "back massages" these days.... ok, maybe a more appropriate term is scratching our backs.... hahahaha.

she's such a "BIG" gal now. love her "pensive" look :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kitchen Happenings

When I was living in hong kong, i always "complain" about the lack of an oven in our home. and for 4 years i was not able to bake at all!! felt so deprived cos i really like to bake.

So it was good that we have an oven (although an old one) here and i think i have made quite good use of it :) :) cos the cakes/muffins that i can buy here, just do not seem to taste the same....heehee. Recently, i am into baking corn muffins....u know, like kenny rogers corn muffins? *yumz* but i must admit, they don't taste as nice as kenny rogers lah! but i really like corn muffins and i had a sudden craving one day so went on the net to search for a recipe. even hubbie commented that its not bad.

On a unrelated topic, the other "happening" in my kitchen is that i learnt to fry "noodles/meehoon" and am doing it so often now. Put it this way, if i had wanted to eat noddles/meehoon in the past, i would have just gone to the hawker centre in singapore or 茶餐厅 in hong kong and have my pick without burning my pocket! really no need to fry them @ home rite?? now, no choice, but to learn how to fry them! i remember doing it once (or was it twice??) in hong kong and it just couldn't make it! so i hardly fry noodles....hehehe. i had to give it a go again and after a few tries (sometimes TOO WET sometimes TOO DRY), they are pretty decent now.

There, another positive outcome from living here, i learnt how to cook noodles!!! ;) hahahaha.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its so good to be able to sleep anywhere

Cooking, Her New Hobby

Bought her a basket of vegetables recently. So, this is what she's been up to. Wonder if she'll turn out to be great chef?? Hehehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sour, Nice??

Yesterday, i was making a honey lemon drink. And as usual kaira was disturbing me in the kitchen and keep chanting "mum mum" when she saw the lemon.

i kept telling her its sour, not nice, but that didn't stop her from wanting to taste it.

so i gave her what was left of the squeezed lemon, thinking that one lick and she will give me back the lemon. surely she wouldn't like the sour taste???

but i was wrong. she enjoyed the lemon. kept sucking and licking it! *yipes* took me some time before i could wrangle it away from her.

this is kaira enjoying her lemon. Seems like she's eating an orange and not lemon.


I always thought that tulips were "cup" shaped. If u know what i mean.
something like that.

Now, i know they bloom/open up so big in sunlight. Like these :

Feel so "swaku" .....hahahaha ;) By the way, the second picture was taken @ our front garden. We planted the bulbs last winter. Of course, nothing like those we see @ kuekenhof, but they are blooming very nicely now :) :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kaira @ Keukenhof

Today is a public holiday here, so we decided to go to Keukenhof, the famous tulip garden!! (the funny thing here is that friday is not a holiday ;( although apparently government and quasi government workers get a day off...but not the rest.)

We left home @ 930am and t was supposed to be a 1.5 hr ride, but because of the crowd, when we were near Keukenhof, traffic was very slow, we only reached the garden @ 1130am!! Thank God Kaira was quite cooperative in the car and slept for half hour even though its not her nap time yet!

Anyway, it's a lovely time to spend walking the garden! we spent close to 4 hours there :) and it was cool and sunny at times (initially it was abit foggy and we were kind of disappointed. but so glad that the weather turned out fine after a while!).

We took so many photos. so here's photos of Kaira @ Kaukenhof.

and here's another just on the flowers !!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to be Of Practical Help

due to some developments in the lives of people i know, i've been thinking how i can be of practical help.

does distance matter? how can i translate thoughts into action? is it enough just to pray? (i don't think so). what can i do?

this is a heavy topic and related to it, is wondering what is God's purpose in all this? and how is He glorified through this?

O Lord, are you not Jehoveh Jireh, our provider?
O Lord, are you not a God of love?
O Lord, are you not a God of grace and power?
O Lord, my God, YES, you are.

"Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's." 2 chronicles 20 : 15

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Self Feeding

She's very into self feeding, especially with her fingers.

She's still not very good with the fork and spoon yet. but she tries.

its a very messy affair. i let her have more "Freedom" only when it's cornflakes for breakfast and pasta for her meals.... :p they are easier to clean up.

Zoo in Rotterdam

On Saturday, we made our way to the urban zoo here! i say its urban cos as u walk through the zoo, u can see trains, cars, apartments and so forth surrounding it. feels kinda strange ...hehehe...guess we prefer the Singapore Zoo style ... a more "green" setting.

the weather, well, not as sunny as we hoped for! abit disappointing. but good thing the zoo has a few enclosed areas where we can hide from the wind and cold! and one good thing abt the cool weather though, we don't get so tired easily...despite alot of walking! i remember when we were @ the SIngapore Zoo, we got tired very sooooon!! old liao.

and it was good to be with friends as we met up with Pei Pei, Lawrence & Trisha for this outing! Even though the adults don't have much time to interact cos we were busy with the little one and enjoying the sights, but somehow, it felt different. :) it's good to have company while doing things with the little one .... something we lack. hehehe.

not sure if we will be able to meet up with them again, cos they are going back to SG soon and they have a packed schedule ahead! ;p

and kaira is such a funny gal. on our ride there, i told her we are meeting aunty pei pei, uncle lawrence & trisha jie jie. so she kept repeating "pei pei" in the car and a word similar to "jie jie" (but not sure). but when she saw them, she was in her shy mode and was quite "atas" leh ... funny gal. only warmed up during lunch and the play time. other times, she juz "ignore" trisha who was very friendly.

and then, when we reached home, she kept saying "pei pei" again and the sound like "jie jie" word. and she keep signing "where"? so i had to tell her, o, aunty pei pei and trisha jie jie went home already. and she had this disappointed look on her face. so cute.

well, not sure if we do meet up another time, whether she will be a more friendly gal then?

here's some photos to share. (minus the animals)

and here are 2 videos of the gals.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


6 years have passed since his death. My one and only "idol" ... hehehehe.