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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vital Statistics

brought kaira for her MMR (aka BMR here) and menC jabs today plus developmental checkup.

she's now 81.5 cm tall and weighs 10.8kg. Hmmmm, not much growth from the previous check up in Oct! (think she was 78 cm then and 10 kg).

other than that, the doctor seems pretty happy with her development and progress, so all's well.

i did ask her if i should be concern that kaira has only 2 teeth still! all she said was "its alright, they will come out in time to come." so, we juz have to wait. :p but i think her 3rd tooth is coming out. i can see abit of it. but its not her upper tooth, which is supposed to be out.... ;p

and the doc told me no more vaccinations until she's 4 years old. yea! that's good news to me :)

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