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Monday, March 16, 2009


we have reached another milestone. for US not kaira... hahaha....we've moved out of her room and we are sleeping in our own room now.

felt kind of strange in the beginning. so used to hearing her move in her bed during the night and seeing her smiley (or crying =P) face when she wakes us up in the morning.

so as much as its an adjustment for her, it is for us too. but it was really smoother than i anticipated. thank God.

it started with me thinking that maybe its time that she learns to self-soothe herself to sleep, instead of looking to us for help.

2 key areas which i wanted to address:
1) in the middle of the night, when we were all sleeping in the same roon, if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she usually cries. most of the time, she wants her pacifier but she doens't look for it cos she relies on us to get it for her. so i have get up and get it from her bed and give it to her. ocassionally, have to carry her for a while before she goes back to sleep.

2) as she goes to sleep ard 9pm, in the past, we will usually accompany her and make sure she's asleep before leaving the room. between 9pm-11pm, she sometimes wake up crying looking for us. one of us have to keep her company and wait till she falls asleep before leaving the room again. for her day nap, its the same. i will have to lie next to her bed till she closes her eyes and sleeps. then i can leave the room. if i make any attempt to leave the room while she's awake, she will cry.

so i thought maybe its time that she sleeps by herself without us around. so one night, actually last friday nite, she woke up ard 11+pm crying. i went up to carry her and pat her, once she stopped, i put her down in bed. while her eyes were opened, i walked out of the room. immediately, she cried. BUCKETS and so loudly! aiyo, "sim tiah". decided to try out the "controlled" cying method i have heard about.

anywayz, waited for a few minutes.

went back in, carried her again, and when she stopped crying, i put her down and left the room. same thing - cried again. this time i let her cry a little longer.

went back, carried her, stopped crying and then put her down and went out. same thing cried again. this time let her cry longer. then she stopped. but she didn't go to sleep. i made a mistake, i peeped @ her. when she saw me, she cried buckets again!!

so i did the carry her and put down method for another 2 times.

she finally went to sleep @ abt 1245am.

this very same night, we movwed to the next room and had the monitor on. she slept through and didn't wake up at all.

the next night, she did wake up in the middle of the night. we could her cry on the monitor. but we waited a while. she went back to sleep without needing us to come over. :)

and the 3rd night, she slept through, no problem at all! hallelujah! think this way, we all sleep better :)

as an added bonus, this also helped her to go to sleep without needing us to accompany her as described in problem (2). so now, when its time to sleep, we bring her to her bed, give her the pacifier and kiss her good nite and leave the room.

really glad that this has worked out well for her and us! hopefully it continues this way with no regression.

1 comment:

The Woos said...

that's great! Have been thinking of doing the same thing for Trisha too! Hhmmm...really got to be hardhearted about it but sometimes she cries till like she's going to puke! =(