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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playdate with trisha

today, kaira went for a playdate with trisha @ a local indoor play area chimpie champ. its located @ oosterhout (kind of half way point for us & them, so we both have to travel 45-60mins to reach here.) personally, we have brought kaira to 2 others before, ballorig & 123 speelparadijs and find the set up @ this place the best for kaira's age group! she was obviously more "involved" here and loved the slide!

kaira & trisha met last december and both of them have grown so much within a few months! but, heehee, they still do not know how to interact and play with each other yet. although they did hold hands to go to the toilet together and trisha tried to "teach" kaira how to play with the toy car :)

here's some videos of the play time.

and for photos, will have to refer to trisha's blog cos papa didn't take any photos!

hopefully we will have another chance to meet again soon, although sadly (for us but happy for them!), they will be relocating back to singapore later part of this year.

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