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Saturday, March 28, 2009

a less than 5 min job became a half hour chore

this afternoon, i decided to try and get kaira to drink her FM from the cup again (2nd atttempt).

when i asked her if she would like to drink her milk fr the cup, she nodded the head. i thought, WOW, too good to be true. and yup, it was too good to be true.

after the milk was ready and i asked her to sit down and drink the milk, she shook her head. vigorously. she wanted to play with the spoon more than drink the milk. i tried to coax her to drink. even "show" her that her favorite baby pooh bear is "drinking", so as to get her to drink. but after a few mouthfuls, she shook her head and cried and refused to drink her milk.

OK, time to take a break. i brought her downstairs. sat her at the table. and told her she can eat her favourite muffin, if she would juz drink her milk. i even took out a straw, to let her play and "suck".

so she took a sip of milk or sometimes suck from the straw, and i had to clap and sing song and heap her with praises and then reward her with muffin. and then she takes another sip and the cycle continues. and that was how i got her to finish her cup of milk.

but it took 30 minutes!! after which, i am so tired liao ..... ;(

wanted to try and get her to take her before bedtime milk from the cup, but as we were out, and by the time we came home, she was very sleepy and tired. dun think its a good idea to get her to drink from the cup.

so i guess, i will have to try again tomorrow and see if she is still so resistant to drinking FM from the cup.

seems like a long road ahead to weaning her off the bottle.


Hazel said...

ha at least u intend to try again! I tried once same reaction wif Hazel and I have not tried again:P how many times of FM is Kaira taking now?

Next in line will be potty training? So busy think this year end we can give ourselves a pat on the back and demand some reward!

Ms Long said...

hazel's mummy, kaira drinks FM 3 times a day.

this morning, tried feeding her from the cup again. equally challenging. took more than half an hour to finish the miserly 120ml!!

but this time round, at least she drink. last time i tried, she didn't even want to drink a single bit!

so i am hopeful that i will c some progress :p

next in line, is to wean her off pacifier... hehehe... that is my next goal...but mebbe i wait until ard 18 mths... potty training, i more "lax" .... hehehe