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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the good things.....

realised that i usually blog about the negatives of being here :p and hardly on the good things.

reminded by the Lord to give thanks in all circumstances and things aren't that bad after all! hehehe.

* anywayz, one really good thing about living here is that it is affordable to eat well @ home with the variety of organic produce and the OK pricing. when i first came here, due to limited local knowledge, it seemed quite difficult to find what i want, but not any more! thankful that we are able to eat "well" when we want to! hehehe. and of course for little kaira, most of the food she eats is organic too.

* with the weather turning slightly "warmer" these 2 weeks (still cold mind u, but definitely better than winter time!) .... its so much fun to be able to spend time outdoors with kaira and not breaking a sweat! hehehe. and there's so much space and playground/parks for her to explore here. certainly looking forward to warmer days ahead!

* sale time (e.g. summer sale) means we can get great looking stuff on the cheap! i remember last september, we bought quite a few pieces of summer clothings for kaira (in anticipation of our trip home for christmas and CNY) and each was like 3 euros or less. lovely.

* exploring europe .... guess this is the part that we should be most appreciative of, being here! :) :)

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