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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


she had her first meal of red meat on sunday. [she's had minced chicken meat for a while and likes it). made her a shepherd's pie with minced beef & pork as the key ingredient.

think she's not very into red meat. although she did finish her food, it wasn't with great enthusiasm.

then, on monday, she had her first meal of rice. i mixed the rice in a beef stew (guess its abit more like soup, as its not a thick stew). she ate. but wasn't alot. and also not very enthusiastic.

let's see how things go with the introduction of these 2 new food. although i think should go slow on this....


Hazel said...

oh u mean all the while she's on fish and veggie? meat harder to chew so for a start sometimes they lazy.. but I guess need to get her use to chewing bah. Hazel now loves to eat food that has texture she hates porridge!!

Ms Long said...

hazel's mummy, she has been taking minced chicken. all this while no red meat :p sorry, i wasn't very clear in the post....hehehe...abit sleepy ;)

yea, i think she needs to get used to the meat texture. :)

hazel is a gourmet ... hehehe.....