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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

every day is full of surprises

from the little one that is.

while she's not afraid of "strangers" when they keep a distance (well, some are not really strangers lah, they are mummy's and papa's friends), she turns shy when they come nearer to her and want to shake her hand, or say hello or whatever else.

and if they want to carry her.....wait LONG LONG ah! =P

last thursday we went to the park, with a new friend that i made and her 18 month old daughter. this is the 2nd time we are meeting. after an hour of being together (initially kaira was quite shy), she actually voluntarily extended her arms to my friend and wants her to carry!! o wow. surprise surprise. and when my fren's daughter started to cry seeing her mama carry another child, i wanted to carry kaira so that my friend can attend to her little one...and guess what, little miss kaira shook her head!! geeeez. thanks alot ;p

some people try so hard to want to carry her, and she usually clings tightly to me or her papa, yet, she voluntarily wants my new friend to carry her. and doesn't want to come down. so funnie.

makes me wonder what goes on in the mind of a 15 month old?? =D

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