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Friday, March 06, 2009

Bring a box of tissue if you are flying over to visit us!!

cos i juz found out that ONE box costs over 1 euro!!! o woweee.... i am still looking around to see if i have missed out any cheap boxes of tissue here...but i doubt so!

i didn't realise how expensive it is to buy boxes of tissue paper here, which is such a common item back home, as we shipped over boxes from singapore/hong kong which lasted us till now. with the supply running low, i went to the local supermarket intending to stock up on tissue boxes.

so imagine my horror when i saw the price. *yipes*

must really thank the mover in singapore (when they came over to pack our stuff) who told us that he has seen other clients shipped boxes and boxes of tissue paper, toilet roll when moving to europe cos of the price difference. that's when hubbie scooted off to NTUC to buy boxes of tissue to be packed and shipped. should have bought MORE to last us YEARSSSSSS. lolololol.

Anyway, i really didn't expect it to be such a great difference.

Yep, no more tissue paper in my house from now on! =P

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