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Thursday, March 19, 2009

这两天乐妍的哭闹烦死我啦! 是也哭, 不是也哭. 真的把我逼得想撞墙! 加上突然间又黏我似万能胶. 真透不过气!

今早我对她发了脾气.嗨, 真不应该. 但我真的忍不住气.

有时想想, 我是否个称职的母亲?



k@Ye_ said...

I also hv such moments! U re not alone!

The Woos said...

not think just cos you flared up at her, you are not a good mother! It's not measured in that way ok? Every mum has such moments and you are not alone.

Maybe she's teething? Maybe she's just throwing tantrums. Trisha used to be like that. Just ignore her and she'll learn this is not the way to Mummy's attention. This really works. If you feel like flaring up, just leave her alone in a safe place first and go into another room, calm down then go back to her.

Ms Long said...

thanks gals!

yup, it was one of those days and 2 in a row really got into me. definitely felt lousy at the moment. :(

but every day is a brighter day indeed.