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Saturday, March 21, 2009

@ 16months

i hope she remembers her childhood to be fun, fun and more fun! i hope she remembers the numerous slide rides she has been on, the animals that she sees so often, the birds, ducks and geese which greet her everytime we go for a walk, the greenery and space and the fun she has exploring her surroundings.

so what has she been up this month?

- in recent days, when she wakes up, after her milk, she will point to the park/playground opposite our place and says "pak pak".

- she's into scooping sand and using her spade to scoop whatever, even hard concrete. lol. quite funny.

- she doesn't quite like the swing yet (the kind for older kids). although she has no problem sitting on it and swinging away.

- she loves slides.

- whenever she can't do something, like climb a high step or whatever, she calls for help if she knows we are around. otherwise, she will attempt to overcome the obstacle hereself. so even when we are around, i try to get her to do it herself, but usually no success. she juz stretch her hands out to us and wants us to help. lazy gal bah! hehehe

- her vocab has definitely expanded that i've lost track of the new words she's sprouting daily. her vocab now includes bread, meat, blue, bed, take, down, pants, 抱etc

- her favorite person is her papa. she's calling for papa so often, even when he's not around. and during the weekend, she doesn't want to let her papa out of her sight, for fear he will "disappear"! :)

- she tries to take off her jacket on her own but hasn't really succeeded yet. it comes off half way. and if the jacket has a zip, she knows she has to unzip it. but still can't master the unzipping action.

- she tried marshmallow yesterday nite, offered by a shop assistant. and a slice of sausage ham today @ the organic meat shop which we patronise. initially she doesn't like the sausage ham when she put it to her mouth, but seeing papa and mummie trying it and liking it, she gamely took it :)

Added on 24 march =) juz so as to remind myself in future :
- this month she managed to master her shape sorter. Finally! all 5 shapes accurately all the time.

- this month she also started walking backwards. is this a developmental milestone i wonder?? :p

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