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Sunday, March 29, 2009

my resolve is getting weaker....

after she simply refused to drink her FM this afternoon from the cup. no amt of coaxing, threats and whatsoever could moved her.

she just cried like she was being tortured. and preferred to go "hungry" and wait for dinner time instead of having her milk feed. :(

haizzz ...... should i continue with the transition to cup or not?

personally, i think that it will get even harder for her to transit to cup the longer i procrastinate.

but its very tiring to face a crying her so often ......haizzz.....

我的头发很乱! 嘿嘿 ;)

should have taken the picture before we went for our ride.

but we only remembered to do after our here's a 头发很乱 picture.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a less than 5 min job became a half hour chore

this afternoon, i decided to try and get kaira to drink her FM from the cup again (2nd atttempt).

when i asked her if she would like to drink her milk fr the cup, she nodded the head. i thought, WOW, too good to be true. and yup, it was too good to be true.

after the milk was ready and i asked her to sit down and drink the milk, she shook her head. vigorously. she wanted to play with the spoon more than drink the milk. i tried to coax her to drink. even "show" her that her favorite baby pooh bear is "drinking", so as to get her to drink. but after a few mouthfuls, she shook her head and cried and refused to drink her milk.

OK, time to take a break. i brought her downstairs. sat her at the table. and told her she can eat her favourite muffin, if she would juz drink her milk. i even took out a straw, to let her play and "suck".

so she took a sip of milk or sometimes suck from the straw, and i had to clap and sing song and heap her with praises and then reward her with muffin. and then she takes another sip and the cycle continues. and that was how i got her to finish her cup of milk.

but it took 30 minutes!! after which, i am so tired liao ..... ;(

wanted to try and get her to take her before bedtime milk from the cup, but as we were out, and by the time we came home, she was very sleepy and tired. dun think its a good idea to get her to drink from the cup.

so i guess, i will have to try again tomorrow and see if she is still so resistant to drinking FM from the cup.

seems like a long road ahead to weaning her off the bottle.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Maiden Ride on Mummy's bicycle

Saturday was kaira's maiden ride with me on my bike.

Took me a rather long time to pluck up the courage .... hehehehe. before this, i use it more for my personal use. like going to church for ladies' meeting while kaira is home with papa.

the ride with her went pretty well. she was very cooperative. but the scooters and other passing traffic really added to my stress sometimes. but all in, it worked out well and i think i am ready to bring her around with me on the bicycle more frequently.

papa also bought a bike on friday, so now we can all go biking together :)

we forgot to bring our camera with us when we went biking. will try to take a pix the next time!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

@ 16months

i hope she remembers her childhood to be fun, fun and more fun! i hope she remembers the numerous slide rides she has been on, the animals that she sees so often, the birds, ducks and geese which greet her everytime we go for a walk, the greenery and space and the fun she has exploring her surroundings.

so what has she been up this month?

- in recent days, when she wakes up, after her milk, she will point to the park/playground opposite our place and says "pak pak".

- she's into scooping sand and using her spade to scoop whatever, even hard concrete. lol. quite funny.

- she doesn't quite like the swing yet (the kind for older kids). although she has no problem sitting on it and swinging away.

- she loves slides.

- whenever she can't do something, like climb a high step or whatever, she calls for help if she knows we are around. otherwise, she will attempt to overcome the obstacle hereself. so even when we are around, i try to get her to do it herself, but usually no success. she juz stretch her hands out to us and wants us to help. lazy gal bah! hehehe

- her vocab has definitely expanded that i've lost track of the new words she's sprouting daily. her vocab now includes bread, meat, blue, bed, take, down, pants, 抱etc

- her favorite person is her papa. she's calling for papa so often, even when he's not around. and during the weekend, she doesn't want to let her papa out of her sight, for fear he will "disappear"! :)

- she tries to take off her jacket on her own but hasn't really succeeded yet. it comes off half way. and if the jacket has a zip, she knows she has to unzip it. but still can't master the unzipping action.

- she tried marshmallow yesterday nite, offered by a shop assistant. and a slice of sausage ham today @ the organic meat shop which we patronise. initially she doesn't like the sausage ham when she put it to her mouth, but seeing papa and mummie trying it and liking it, she gamely took it :)

Added on 24 march =) juz so as to remind myself in future :
- this month she managed to master her shape sorter. Finally! all 5 shapes accurately all the time.

- this month she also started walking backwards. is this a developmental milestone i wonder?? :p

Friday, March 20, 2009

All ready to play

it's spring and we got her a pair of rubber boots cos she loves playing @ the sandpit in the playground these days.

so this is her in her new boots and this week, i've been bringing her to the park/playground everyday.

she's very cheeky these days :

so lovable when she's in a good mood .....really ;p

Thursday, March 19, 2009

这两天乐妍的哭闹烦死我啦! 是也哭, 不是也哭. 真的把我逼得想撞墙! 加上突然间又黏我似万能胶. 真透不过气!

今早我对她发了脾气.嗨, 真不应该. 但我真的忍不住气.

有时想想, 我是否个称职的母亲?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's Weather Really Great!

If everyday is like this in Spring, how nice!!!! sunnny, cool, not too windy. Perfect.

It's too niceeeeeeeeeeeee =)

I love spring :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


she had her first meal of red meat on sunday. [she's had minced chicken meat for a while and likes it). made her a shepherd's pie with minced beef & pork as the key ingredient.

think she's not very into red meat. although she did finish her food, it wasn't with great enthusiasm.

then, on monday, she had her first meal of rice. i mixed the rice in a beef stew (guess its abit more like soup, as its not a thick stew). she ate. but wasn't alot. and also not very enthusiastic.

let's see how things go with the introduction of these 2 new food. although i think should go slow on this....

Monday, March 16, 2009


we have reached another milestone. for US not kaira... hahaha....we've moved out of her room and we are sleeping in our own room now.

felt kind of strange in the beginning. so used to hearing her move in her bed during the night and seeing her smiley (or crying =P) face when she wakes us up in the morning.

so as much as its an adjustment for her, it is for us too. but it was really smoother than i anticipated. thank God.

it started with me thinking that maybe its time that she learns to self-soothe herself to sleep, instead of looking to us for help.

2 key areas which i wanted to address:
1) in the middle of the night, when we were all sleeping in the same roon, if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she usually cries. most of the time, she wants her pacifier but she doens't look for it cos she relies on us to get it for her. so i have get up and get it from her bed and give it to her. ocassionally, have to carry her for a while before she goes back to sleep.

2) as she goes to sleep ard 9pm, in the past, we will usually accompany her and make sure she's asleep before leaving the room. between 9pm-11pm, she sometimes wake up crying looking for us. one of us have to keep her company and wait till she falls asleep before leaving the room again. for her day nap, its the same. i will have to lie next to her bed till she closes her eyes and sleeps. then i can leave the room. if i make any attempt to leave the room while she's awake, she will cry.

so i thought maybe its time that she sleeps by herself without us around. so one night, actually last friday nite, she woke up ard 11+pm crying. i went up to carry her and pat her, once she stopped, i put her down in bed. while her eyes were opened, i walked out of the room. immediately, she cried. BUCKETS and so loudly! aiyo, "sim tiah". decided to try out the "controlled" cying method i have heard about.

anywayz, waited for a few minutes.

went back in, carried her again, and when she stopped crying, i put her down and left the room. same thing - cried again. this time i let her cry a little longer.

went back, carried her, stopped crying and then put her down and went out. same thing cried again. this time let her cry longer. then she stopped. but she didn't go to sleep. i made a mistake, i peeped @ her. when she saw me, she cried buckets again!!

so i did the carry her and put down method for another 2 times.

she finally went to sleep @ abt 1245am.

this very same night, we movwed to the next room and had the monitor on. she slept through and didn't wake up at all.

the next night, she did wake up in the middle of the night. we could her cry on the monitor. but we waited a while. she went back to sleep without needing us to come over. :)

and the 3rd night, she slept through, no problem at all! hallelujah! think this way, we all sleep better :)

as an added bonus, this also helped her to go to sleep without needing us to accompany her as described in problem (2). so now, when its time to sleep, we bring her to her bed, give her the pacifier and kiss her good nite and leave the room.

really glad that this has worked out well for her and us! hopefully it continues this way with no regression.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playdate with trisha

today, kaira went for a playdate with trisha @ a local indoor play area chimpie champ. its located @ oosterhout (kind of half way point for us & them, so we both have to travel 45-60mins to reach here.) personally, we have brought kaira to 2 others before, ballorig & 123 speelparadijs and find the set up @ this place the best for kaira's age group! she was obviously more "involved" here and loved the slide!

kaira & trisha met last december and both of them have grown so much within a few months! but, heehee, they still do not know how to interact and play with each other yet. although they did hold hands to go to the toilet together and trisha tried to "teach" kaira how to play with the toy car :)

here's some videos of the play time.

and for photos, will have to refer to trisha's blog cos papa didn't take any photos!

hopefully we will have another chance to meet again soon, although sadly (for us but happy for them!), they will be relocating back to singapore later part of this year.

Friday, March 13, 2009

chocolate muffin

on monday i decided to bake some chocolate muffins cos i think the "bland and healthy" versions that i've been making (meant for kaira), hubbie doesn't really like them :p

anywayz, i thought i would let kaira try some. but this gal, prefers her "healthy" oat bran muffin to the chocolate muffin....hahaha... after one mouthful, i asked her if she wanted more and she shook her head and went away. does it taste so bad?? =p

then the next day, i tried giving her some again. after 2 mouthfuls, she spit out the chocolate muffin and played with it. *faint*

no more chocolate muffin for her (and her papa) in the near future ;p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vital Statistics

brought kaira for her MMR (aka BMR here) and menC jabs today plus developmental checkup.

she's now 81.5 cm tall and weighs 10.8kg. Hmmmm, not much growth from the previous check up in Oct! (think she was 78 cm then and 10 kg).

other than that, the doctor seems pretty happy with her development and progress, so all's well.

i did ask her if i should be concern that kaira has only 2 teeth still! all she said was "its alright, they will come out in time to come." so, we juz have to wait. :p but i think her 3rd tooth is coming out. i can see abit of it. but its not her upper tooth, which is supposed to be out.... ;p

and the doc told me no more vaccinations until she's 4 years old. yea! that's good news to me :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Bring a box of tissue if you are flying over to visit us!!

cos i juz found out that ONE box costs over 1 euro!!! o woweee.... i am still looking around to see if i have missed out any cheap boxes of tissue here...but i doubt so!

i didn't realise how expensive it is to buy boxes of tissue paper here, which is such a common item back home, as we shipped over boxes from singapore/hong kong which lasted us till now. with the supply running low, i went to the local supermarket intending to stock up on tissue boxes.

so imagine my horror when i saw the price. *yipes*

must really thank the mover in singapore (when they came over to pack our stuff) who told us that he has seen other clients shipped boxes and boxes of tissue paper, toilet roll when moving to europe cos of the price difference. that's when hubbie scooted off to NTUC to buy boxes of tissue to be packed and shipped. should have bought MORE to last us YEARSSSSSS. lolololol.

Anyway, i really didn't expect it to be such a great difference.

Yep, no more tissue paper in my house from now on! =P

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the good things.....

realised that i usually blog about the negatives of being here :p and hardly on the good things.

reminded by the Lord to give thanks in all circumstances and things aren't that bad after all! hehehe.

* anywayz, one really good thing about living here is that it is affordable to eat well @ home with the variety of organic produce and the OK pricing. when i first came here, due to limited local knowledge, it seemed quite difficult to find what i want, but not any more! thankful that we are able to eat "well" when we want to! hehehe. and of course for little kaira, most of the food she eats is organic too.

* with the weather turning slightly "warmer" these 2 weeks (still cold mind u, but definitely better than winter time!) .... its so much fun to be able to spend time outdoors with kaira and not breaking a sweat! hehehe. and there's so much space and playground/parks for her to explore here. certainly looking forward to warmer days ahead!

* sale time (e.g. summer sale) means we can get great looking stuff on the cheap! i remember last september, we bought quite a few pieces of summer clothings for kaira (in anticipation of our trip home for christmas and CNY) and each was like 3 euros or less. lovely.

* exploring europe .... guess this is the part that we should be most appreciative of, being here! :) :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

every day is full of surprises

from the little one that is.

while she's not afraid of "strangers" when they keep a distance (well, some are not really strangers lah, they are mummy's and papa's friends), she turns shy when they come nearer to her and want to shake her hand, or say hello or whatever else.

and if they want to carry her.....wait LONG LONG ah! =P

last thursday we went to the park, with a new friend that i made and her 18 month old daughter. this is the 2nd time we are meeting. after an hour of being together (initially kaira was quite shy), she actually voluntarily extended her arms to my friend and wants her to carry!! o wow. surprise surprise. and when my fren's daughter started to cry seeing her mama carry another child, i wanted to carry kaira so that my friend can attend to her little one...and guess what, little miss kaira shook her head!! geeeez. thanks alot ;p

some people try so hard to want to carry her, and she usually clings tightly to me or her papa, yet, she voluntarily wants my new friend to carry her. and doesn't want to come down. so funnie.

makes me wonder what goes on in the mind of a 15 month old?? =D