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Friday, February 27, 2009

Weaning kaira off her milk bottle...

question is how?

she has already mastered drinking from the cup. and can finish off half a cup in seconds.... BUT she will only drink FRESH MILK from the cup. not her formula milk.

i tried to give her the FM in the cup once, but she simply refuse to drink. so i thought, i will juz try another time. but have yet to ...cos since coming back, alot of "battles" ... abit tired to face another.... muz wait till i have more energy ...hehehe...think i will try again soon :)

hmmm...i am really not sure how to help her to transit to the cup. i am trying to "psycho" her ... so sometimes when she's having milk in her bottle i will tell her, next time drink from cup OK? she will usually shake her head :(

thought of buying her a different looking cup for her FM, not sure if that will work?

babies (oops, i mean toddlers) really very 麻烦 .... :p

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