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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This place is EXPENSIVE

not that i juz discovered it. but i am reminded once again how expensive things can be here!! especially for us, coming from Asia, can faint @ the prices here @ times.

anywayz, i am reminded once again cos a fren of mine who is from London, complained about how expensive toys and baby food are here!! honestly, i was surprised. i mean, London is like one of the most expensive cities to live in isn't it??? or that's what i thought!

but she was telling me that the same toy she bought for her son in London costs more than 2X here!! 2X!!! outrageous. and how for the same price she pays for baby food, she would be able to get organic stuff, whereas here its juz the normal ones. or she can get more for the same price. *ouch* it sure hurts (the wallet i mean ;p) living here!

actually i do always wonder how the people afford the prices here when their salaries isn't that high! well, at least for us, hub's salary isn't that great over here!

think the only "cheaper" stuff here are its agricultural produce ... and some organic produce (like milk and yoghurt) definitely cheaper compared with sg/hk. but other than that, one pays through the nose for most stuff.

well, since we are here, there's nothing much we can do ....

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