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Monday, February 23, 2009

"Surprising" facts abt myself in 2008

surprising only because i never thought it would happen.

decided to write about it to "remind" myself in future that "impossible" things can be possible....hahahaha

anyway, i will start with ONE fact first and that is, for the whole of 2008, i bought only 3 articles of clothing!!!! cannot believe it myself too....... geeez. that goes to show how "not up to fashion" my wardrobe is these days.

then again, i remind myself that fashion aside, ALL the clothings i acquired in hong kong can probably last me a life time :p and fashion goes in part of the wardrobe should be fashionable some point in time! ha!

anyway, i don't know why but coming to europe i have 0 desire to shop. especially when i compare prices to hong kong prices, really feel so "bo hua" buying clothes here sometimes ;)

and so i bought ONE t-shirt here in eindhoven (cos i really neded a white T) and 2 dresses from a fren's internet website. THAT'S ALL.

howz that for being frugal??? :p

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