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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kaira's 15 month on the 21st.

on a lighter note, let's talk abt little kaira.

her vocab has expanded a little since coming back. now besides
mum mum,

she can also say :
- bird
- bear (or something like that lah, when she sees the bear. hehehe)
- per (for apple & open)
- nana (for banana)
- duh (for dog, duck)
- bowl (for bowl & bolster)
- mee (for milk) and
- 饱饱 (with cantonese intonation).

guess its a good progress for her, considering juz 2 months back, it was only mama and mum mum.

and recently, she discovers that she farts! and every time she hears the "pooot" sound, she will giggle and laugh very loudly. very amused with herself. its such a funny sight, i can't help laughing together with her :)

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