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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food Food Food.

yesterday and today, kaira tried rice with curry ;p that was our dinner ... and she was so interested, so i gave her a small spoonful yesterday. she was OK but didn't ask for more... hahaha

today, we had curry again (if u r wondering, that's because i cooked one big pot to last us a few days!! ;p) and i fed her some curry rice again, plus the potato & carrots that were in it. i think she's not into curry .... actually shook her head after a few mouthfuls! one of those rare times she's not "greedy" =P

and talking about food, i am always cracking my head what to feed her for her snack times... running out of ideas and she's "always" hungry ... sometimes one hour after lunch and she's going "mum mum" again! aiyo.

so besides fresh fruits, rice cakes, yoghurt, bread & cheese and baby biscuits, i am also giving her dried fruits (like raisins, cranberries, blueberries & cherries) and cornflakes. i also bake abt 2 times a week now either muffins or cakes for her.

need to build up my "recipe warehouse" .... now its quite limited ;)

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Hey Ms Long, looks like I'm not the only one cracking my head on food :) Have been looking thru some sites for recipes I'll share it in my blog wen I actually attempt them ha ha... Can try fried rice I use tomato puree/paste to fry the rice with egg, mince chicken and peas but rice must be very moist so easier for them to chew.