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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally ...

i think we are all kinda adjusted back to life in eindhoven.

this week hasn't been an easy week cos little kaira fell ill. thank God she recovered quickly within 2 days, else it would have been even more tiring for us. on tuesday morning, she vomitted her breakfast. not a good sign. then after her morning nap, she developed a slight fever. it wasn't high, about 38, so i thought we'd monitor her. she had fever too when we were in singapore. at that time, she wasn't very bothered by it and the fever was mild and went away after 2 days, so i was hoping she'd breeze through this as well.

but unfortunately, she had it a little rougher this time. think the virus is nastier! she was very cranky and didn't want to play. was tired but couldn't sleep very well. and she had diarrhoe...poor gal. and we were so tired cleaning after her. good thing though was that she was still drinking her milk and eating her meals (altho very choosy with her food, but at least her intake wasn't drastically reduced).

and poor papa was so tired out by her, cos she wakes up unwell in the middle of the night and wants to be carried by him only! :p mummie get to sleep.

anyway, was really relieved this morning when her fever subsided and she's back to usual self. thank God that she's well after 2 days! yea.

juz realised that since she turned one, she's been sick once a month! started with her cough and cold in November and Dec (runny nose, phlegm etc), then fever in January and then again this month. hopefully as she gets stronger and builds up her immunity, we'll see less of that!

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