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Monday, February 09, 2009

Back to the Cold!

arrived in amsterdam early in the morning on 3rd feb to the cold! at that point, really miss the HOT singapore... :D

kaira had a very good flight, thank God! slept for ard 9hrs of the 13 hr flight which was really very good compared to the flight back to sg. and she wasn't as cranky....

back home, i was surprised at the adjustments she had to make! the most difficult part for her (or rather for us!) was that she didn't want to sleep in her own cot. :( cried buckets when we put her in the cot to sleep. think she got so used to sleeping with us during the 5 weeks that we were back in sg. in sg, there wasn't a choice so she had to sleep with us. in fact, when we first arrived in sg, i was worried that she won't be used to sleeping with us cos she has been sleeping in her own bed since arriving in eindhoven. and she did take a few days to adjust to sleeping with us. and now, back home, she has to adjust to sleeping in her bed ... poor gal. don't think she;s fully adjusted yet.... :( and she wakes up so early in the morning here!! like 5+ to 6+am (compared to 7+ to 8+ in singapore). in the end, i am the one who's not adjusted! hehehe.

she's making so much noise as i type that i will have to continue this entry another time!

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