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Friday, February 27, 2009

Weaning kaira off her milk bottle...

question is how?

she has already mastered drinking from the cup. and can finish off half a cup in seconds.... BUT she will only drink FRESH MILK from the cup. not her formula milk.

i tried to give her the FM in the cup once, but she simply refuse to drink. so i thought, i will juz try another time. but have yet to ...cos since coming back, alot of "battles" ... abit tired to face another.... muz wait till i have more energy ...hehehe...think i will try again soon :)

hmmm...i am really not sure how to help her to transit to the cup. i am trying to "psycho" her ... so sometimes when she's having milk in her bottle i will tell her, next time drink from cup OK? she will usually shake her head :(

thought of buying her a different looking cup for her FM, not sure if that will work?

babies (oops, i mean toddlers) really very 麻烦 .... :p

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it Time???

2 over years ago i posted this entry about investment and timing.

i think dinner time is coming soon. =P

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This place is EXPENSIVE

not that i juz discovered it. but i am reminded once again how expensive things can be here!! especially for us, coming from Asia, can faint @ the prices here @ times.

anywayz, i am reminded once again cos a fren of mine who is from London, complained about how expensive toys and baby food are here!! honestly, i was surprised. i mean, London is like one of the most expensive cities to live in isn't it??? or that's what i thought!

but she was telling me that the same toy she bought for her son in London costs more than 2X here!! 2X!!! outrageous. and how for the same price she pays for baby food, she would be able to get organic stuff, whereas here its juz the normal ones. or she can get more for the same price. *ouch* it sure hurts (the wallet i mean ;p) living here!

actually i do always wonder how the people afford the prices here when their salaries isn't that high! well, at least for us, hub's salary isn't that great over here!

think the only "cheaper" stuff here are its agricultural produce ... and some organic produce (like milk and yoghurt) definitely cheaper compared with sg/hk. but other than that, one pays through the nose for most stuff.

well, since we are here, there's nothing much we can do ....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food Food Food.

yesterday and today, kaira tried rice with curry ;p that was our dinner ... and she was so interested, so i gave her a small spoonful yesterday. she was OK but didn't ask for more... hahaha

today, we had curry again (if u r wondering, that's because i cooked one big pot to last us a few days!! ;p) and i fed her some curry rice again, plus the potato & carrots that were in it. i think she's not into curry .... actually shook her head after a few mouthfuls! one of those rare times she's not "greedy" =P

and talking about food, i am always cracking my head what to feed her for her snack times... running out of ideas and she's "always" hungry ... sometimes one hour after lunch and she's going "mum mum" again! aiyo.

so besides fresh fruits, rice cakes, yoghurt, bread & cheese and baby biscuits, i am also giving her dried fruits (like raisins, cranberries, blueberries & cherries) and cornflakes. i also bake abt 2 times a week now either muffins or cakes for her.

need to build up my "recipe warehouse" .... now its quite limited ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Surprising" facts abt myself in 2008

surprising only because i never thought it would happen.

decided to write about it to "remind" myself in future that "impossible" things can be possible....hahahaha

anyway, i will start with ONE fact first and that is, for the whole of 2008, i bought only 3 articles of clothing!!!! cannot believe it myself too....... geeez. that goes to show how "not up to fashion" my wardrobe is these days.

then again, i remind myself that fashion aside, ALL the clothings i acquired in hong kong can probably last me a life time :p and fashion goes in part of the wardrobe should be fashionable some point in time! ha!

anyway, i don't know why but coming to europe i have 0 desire to shop. especially when i compare prices to hong kong prices, really feel so "bo hua" buying clothes here sometimes ;)

and so i bought ONE t-shirt here in eindhoven (cos i really neded a white T) and 2 dresses from a fren's internet website. THAT'S ALL.

howz that for being frugal??? :p

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kaira's 15 month on the 21st.

on a lighter note, let's talk abt little kaira.

her vocab has expanded a little since coming back. now besides
mum mum,

she can also say :
- bird
- bear (or something like that lah, when she sees the bear. hehehe)
- per (for apple & open)
- nana (for banana)
- duh (for dog, duck)
- bowl (for bowl & bolster)
- mee (for milk) and
- 饱饱 (with cantonese intonation).

guess its a good progress for her, considering juz 2 months back, it was only mama and mum mum.

and recently, she discovers that she farts! and every time she hears the "pooot" sound, she will giggle and laugh very loudly. very amused with herself. its such a funny sight, i can't help laughing together with her :)


not much motivation to blog since coming back to eindhoven. maybe its the wet and cold weather that depresses. maybe its me missing my frens and family back home. maybe its the uncertainty of when and how long we will be here. maybe its because the few friends i made around the neighbourhood has either left the country, going to leave the country or moved further away. :(

sianz. i have to start all over again!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally ...

i think we are all kinda adjusted back to life in eindhoven.

this week hasn't been an easy week cos little kaira fell ill. thank God she recovered quickly within 2 days, else it would have been even more tiring for us. on tuesday morning, she vomitted her breakfast. not a good sign. then after her morning nap, she developed a slight fever. it wasn't high, about 38, so i thought we'd monitor her. she had fever too when we were in singapore. at that time, she wasn't very bothered by it and the fever was mild and went away after 2 days, so i was hoping she'd breeze through this as well.

but unfortunately, she had it a little rougher this time. think the virus is nastier! she was very cranky and didn't want to play. was tired but couldn't sleep very well. and she had diarrhoe...poor gal. and we were so tired cleaning after her. good thing though was that she was still drinking her milk and eating her meals (altho very choosy with her food, but at least her intake wasn't drastically reduced).

and poor papa was so tired out by her, cos she wakes up unwell in the middle of the night and wants to be carried by him only! :p mummie get to sleep.

anyway, was really relieved this morning when her fever subsided and she's back to usual self. thank God that she's well after 2 days! yea.

juz realised that since she turned one, she's been sick once a month! started with her cough and cold in November and Dec (runny nose, phlegm etc), then fever in January and then again this month. hopefully as she gets stronger and builds up her immunity, we'll see less of that!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Back to the Cold!

arrived in amsterdam early in the morning on 3rd feb to the cold! at that point, really miss the HOT singapore... :D

kaira had a very good flight, thank God! slept for ard 9hrs of the 13 hr flight which was really very good compared to the flight back to sg. and she wasn't as cranky....

back home, i was surprised at the adjustments she had to make! the most difficult part for her (or rather for us!) was that she didn't want to sleep in her own cot. :( cried buckets when we put her in the cot to sleep. think she got so used to sleeping with us during the 5 weeks that we were back in sg. in sg, there wasn't a choice so she had to sleep with us. in fact, when we first arrived in sg, i was worried that she won't be used to sleeping with us cos she has been sleeping in her own bed since arriving in eindhoven. and she did take a few days to adjust to sleeping with us. and now, back home, she has to adjust to sleeping in her bed ... poor gal. don't think she;s fully adjusted yet.... :( and she wakes up so early in the morning here!! like 5+ to 6+am (compared to 7+ to 8+ in singapore). in the end, i am the one who's not adjusted! hehehe.

she's making so much noise as i type that i will have to continue this entry another time!