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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time in Singapore

the last one month seemed to have gone in a flash! and i really didn't have the chance to catch up with as many friends as i thought i would!! sigh, the sacrifices of being a mum ..... :(

the first 2 weeks were a whirlwind, and was really quite tiring!! thank God that after abt four days, little miss kaira got adjusted to life in sg and things settled down better :)

i think she enjoyed her time in singapore. a very busy 14th month for her! (she turned 14th month on 21 Jan). with the interaction with so many people and the different experiences, she's beginning to babble alot more and her favorite word of the month is BABY! she always calls samuel (her 1+month old cousin) baby when she sees him. :) she loves him and always wants to "sayang" him altho mama here is always so afraid that she will hit him instead! :p she's into climbing steps (with assistance) and can get on and off her "bicycle" and toy car with ease. she's a pro where fake tears are of concerned, especially when she doesn't get her way! she has progressed to take only one nap a day altho ocassionally she does need another short power nap. and she is simply in love with her pacifier, i wonder how i am going to wean her off it!?

anyway, there were so many things i had "planned" to do with her during our time in singapore. like going to the zoo, botanic gardens, sentosa, swimming, playdates, playgroup etc. I honestly thought we will have so much time!! but to-date, i only managed to accomplish some!! cannot imagine that 1 month is not enuff ;P hahahaha. blame it on these old bones, some days i juz don't feel up to it bringing her out alone ...very TIRING. :p

of course, with hubbie's absence for 1.5 weeks, somethings juz gotta to wait.

and before i know it, tmr is CNY eve and we will be going back to cold eindhoven soon.

i hope she doesn't find it ultra boring when she gets back there! and she will adjust quickly :)

here's wishing everyone 恭喜发财 万事如意 !!!

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