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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kaira @ the playgroup

since this gal is so deprived in the netherlands, this trip back to sg is her opportunity to have fun and make new frens! juz worried now that when she returns to holland, she will find it ultra boring!!!

anyway, thanks to hazel's mummie, serena, who "jio" me for the trial, we had a fun filled tuesday morning! if we are in sg, i will be very tempted to sign kaira up for the term, despite the distance. she really seemed to enjoy it!! altho from the pictures one can't really tell! hahahaha....was commenting to serena that even @ play, kaira's got a serious look most of the time! look at the pictures ;)

[pardon the resolution, i downloaded these pix fr facebook as i didn't bring my own cam]

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