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Monday, December 08, 2008

We brought the camera and didn't use it.... =P

We went to amsterdam to meet up with new friends, PeiPei, Lawrence and their little one trisha on Saturday. Had a great time having singaporean/malaysian food @ a restaurant called Nonya recommended by PP ....and of course the good company! :) (been a long time since we chatted with fellow singaporeans! =D)

and i was very blessed to get to know PP before coming over to eindhoven, for she was most helpful providing information ... which really helped alot! like the oriental supermarket which she told me about, was probably the best thing! :) God is good.

But But, we didn't take any photos! Aaargh! guess we were really enjoying the chit chatting and buzy looking after the little ones that we forgot! :(

trisha was born in Jan 07 and if we lived abit nearer to them, it would have been great! the 2 little ones can have playdates. i can't wait for kaira to be able to sprout words like trisha !

anyway, back to our lunch..... one thing i have confirmed -- it is really a very difficult task to feed kaira when there's no high chair around!!! it was a challenge on saturday cos she was like wanting to come down to walk and distracted by the surroundings. she's too "well trained" by the high chair!

[good thing we reached the restaurant slightly earlier & started feeding her before our friends arrived so when they came we are almost 2/3 done. otherwise difficult to have decent conversations while trying to feed porridge to the little one!]

and she was quite OK with seeing the new faces and didn't cry or fuss ... phew! but haha, she still dun know how to interact with other children yet.

look forward to seeing them again some time soon .....when they decide to travel down south ... :)

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