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Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's My Birthday....

and we spent it @ the Monschau Christmas Market. A cold wintry day it was today! Abt -2 degrees celsius. Walked till my feet was numb =P hehehehe.

This was my birthday "cake" :

It was probably the "best" waffle i have ever tasted ... hahaha ...cos it was cold and the hot cherry sauce made my day!!!

it was a nice journey into Monschau with the snow capped trees and hills...and the market was cosy.

BUT, i was kinda disappointed cos maybe i was expecting it to be more like Aachen which we visited a couple of weeks back where there was a wider variety of christmas shopping & stuff. In Monschau, my feel is that the emphasis is on the food & local specialties so the shopping wasn't fantastic! and i had a shopping list!!!! which wasn't fulfilled at all. :( and the cold sometimes makes it a bit difficult to "enjoy" the place thoroughly...cos after a while, wanna go "hide" in somewhere warm....hahahaha.

guess each christmas market is unique. think i prefer a larger type of market with more things to see and browse. Monschau was a bit too small and cosy ;)

Nevertheless, a beautiful village.

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