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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ramblings of mine

when we were living in hkg, one pet peeve of mine was the lack of an oven @ our place. cos baking was one of my favorite past times! there was simply NO PLACE in the kitchen for an oven. i ever thought of putting the oven in our "living" room....but those who have seen our apartment will know that that's pushing it alittle! LOL.

anywayz, very glad that this current house comes with a built in oven, although a very OLD one. and i can bake when i feel like it! :) :) although i usually have to do it after kaira's asleep @ nite. and because time is so short, i have to search for really EASY recipes which i can make in a jiff! and thanks to the wonders of technology, there's so much out there! and sooooooo many food blogs! am i "suaku" or what? =p

and thanks to those who blog about their kitchen adventures, i have more "choices" for kaira! [anyway, old fashioned me, still prefers a cook book with glossy pictures and all :) ]

and talking about food, as i wanted to add variety to her breakfast, i started searching for pancake recipes. i didn't know that pancakes were also easy to make @ home!!!! and to think that i always thought that hotcakes @ Macs were a treat (for myself!!!) LOL.

amazed @ the new things that i discover @ this age ! =)

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