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Monday, December 08, 2008

Baby Samuel.

I am so blessed to have a nephew, Baby Samuel, born 7 Dec 08. He is one special little one. I know the path ahead for him may be tougher than that faced by many others but yet I know, the Lord's grace and mercy will be poured out on him manifolds as well.

One may look at the difficulties and wonders why. But yet, if we look to the Lord, we know that He is in control and nothing is beyond Him. He will not give us more than what we can bear.

I know baby samuel will be a very blessed one. And I believe that through him many will come to know the Lord. God has a plan, a very good one for him indeed. And for my brother and sister in law, i know the Lord's grace and strength will be with you.

Even though I have not met you Baby Samuel, i love you. I look forward to holding you in my arms soon.

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