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Sunday, December 21, 2008

13th month old

and the last one month (plus) has been quite a "stressful" month for her i think! cos there seems to be many adjustments that she's making.

her naps was erratic for a while. some days it was one nap, some days 2. thank God she's back to a 2 nap schedule most of the time so it's much better for me!!! =P

then her feeding! there was one week plus where she totally skipped her afternoon milk feed. when i tried to feed her, it was like i was going to poison her!! aaargh. and as suddenly as she decided to skip her afternoon milk feed, she decided she wants her milk in the afternoon again!!

meal times have also become more challenging. she suddenly decides that she doesn't like macaroni anymore ;( so, one thing off the menu for now! in addition, i need to think of ways to make meal times more interesting for her! like letting her play with stickers. or find brochures with animal pictures for her as she really likes them. sometimes i play music and sing along with her while feeding her. and some days i have to ensure that the "dishes" i prepare include stuff that she can self feed with her fingers (like carrot & celery sticks etc etc). some days i have to let her self feed with her spoon. really SO MANY PATTERNS!!!!! *faintz*

and recently, when we bring her out, its really very tiring ! cos she won't "follow" us and wants to explore the place her way. going here and there, touching this and that...kicking up a fuss when she doesn't get her way! i tell u.... very "jialat" sometimes!! hope her understanding increases real soon .........

ok ok, enuff of "complaints". let's see how cute she has been the last month :

1) when i play the CD and she recognises certain songs, she will automatically do the hand actions or nod (hmmm, mebbe a better word is "bob") her head like she's enjoying the music! very cute!!!!

2) the last week or so, she began to sign "where". when i ask her "where is xxxx", she signs "where". then look for the thing. when she cannot find, she will sign "where" again. as if to ask me for help to find it.

3) she likes to stamp her feet.

4) she's into kicking balls these days (if she was a boy, am sure that papa will think she's a footballer in making!)

5) she hasn't uttered any real words yet. juz mama, dada, nana, turtle, bye, mi, etc etc. only 2 words she gets correct all the time is mama and mum mum which she has been using since she was like 7 months. dunno when she will sprout new words?

so many other things but am abit tired now to blog.

so for now, an eventful 13th month :) and here's 13th month old kaira.

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