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Friday, December 26, 2008

We are home!

Reached home on christmas after a 12 hour flite and it sure is warm and humid here! :)

thank God its not HOT as there's rain these few days.......makes the adjustment to the weather here a little easier.

the flight! was initially quite OK cos little princess was sleepy and was sucking her pacifier during take off, so she didn't have any discomfort and after a while, manage to sleep for abt 4 hours. but woke up and and had to be entertained before going back to sleep for another 2 hours. then after that, it was mayhem!! i think she was bored, and even feeding her her favorite bread & blueberries didn't satisfy her ;( she was juz cranky. and the landing, was terrible!!! knew that she had to suck something rite....but she didn't want her milk. didn't want her water bottle, didn't want her pacifier.... aiyo, she juz wanted to cry!!!!! so poor thing ...i mean those around us ....heehee.....of course she also poor thing...but really , nothing we could do cos she juz didn't want to suck the pacifier!

New environment
Surprisingly, she was quite receptive to the new place that she's going to stay in...and was busy looking around and exploring the place and wasn't afraid of her grandauntie and uncles (whom she met probably once or twice in the past). and when we bring her for lunch with her paternal relatives, she wa generally OK. which was really good for her! considering how worried i was about her stranger anxiety.

But night time was terrible. think due to time difference and the excitement of the new place, she didn't want to sleep and didn't want her milk. and after much difficulty falling asleep, she woke up in the middle of the nite crying for abt 1.5 hours before falling asleep. tonite's the 3rd nite in singapore and she still isn't sleeping well. juz woke up crying after falling sleep ard 1045pm. hopefully she will be fully adjusted soon in terms of her sleeping.

Attached to her Papa.
One thing that happened "overnight" (so to speak, cos it only became such when we reach singapore), is that she prefers her Papa to mama! hehehe, i honestly don't mind but i think the Papa is abit tired. the first nite, when she couldn't sleep and wanted to be carried, it had to be Papa. When i try to help to carry her, she cried buckets! Poor papa carried her for 1hour plus i think!

o wow, what a difference from when we were in holland when all she wanted was me even though she sees me the whole day! it was like when the papa is home, she will want him to carry and play with her, but after a while, she comes looking for me. i was juz thinking to myself the other day how nice if she's not that attached to me... ;) be careful what one wishes for!! hehehehe.

so now, i can plan for time off ....hahaha and leave her to the Papa while he is on leave ;)

This is a terrible change from her usual. she's not feeding well at all. maybe cos yesterday she overate the cream cheese and had indigestion and vomitted and all, that she's OFF food. and even milk!! the last 2 days, she's on major diet. abt 90-100ml of milk each day. eats very little for lunch/dinner (sometimes not at all)! hope she starts to eat better soon. and when she's being fed in a environment without a high chair... she's even more difficult to feed :( she juz wants to play.

haizzz, when that happens, wish we were home.... guess we can't have the best of both worlds!

Enjoying being Home
Until now, no, not yet. i am not enjoying my time home yet. maybe we were abit ambitious and didn't allow us time to "settle down" before "diving" into all the activities and stuff; maybe i took for granted that she will adjust quickly.... now she's older and probably feel the "stress" of change more and she doesn't know how to express herelf. and becos she's cranky, both me and Papa are tired and therefore we are also not so patient towards one another.... and it adds to the stress! this is the part i dislike most.

i am most cranky when i am tired and lack sleep. yes yes, that has been me for the last one year... but in times like these, it's felt more acutely... =p

in fact i think i am not adjusted to the time difference yet! ha, old liao. in the morning i feel rather sleepy and now, in the middle of the nite, i feel quite energetic cos its like evening time in holland now.

hopefully in another day or so, we will all be fully adjusted! certainly pray that when we go back to holland, her adjustment will not be so great! i cannot imagine having to deal with cranky her come Feb! too close too soon!!! and i am really not good at dealing with a cranky toddler! *bleah*

pictures of her during lunch on christmas day! [think we should get a better camera, like the one used by fei's cousin to take these pictures. hehehe, they are so much nicer than those we take ourselves ;)]

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ramblings of mine

when we were living in hkg, one pet peeve of mine was the lack of an oven @ our place. cos baking was one of my favorite past times! there was simply NO PLACE in the kitchen for an oven. i ever thought of putting the oven in our "living" room....but those who have seen our apartment will know that that's pushing it alittle! LOL.

anywayz, very glad that this current house comes with a built in oven, although a very OLD one. and i can bake when i feel like it! :) :) although i usually have to do it after kaira's asleep @ nite. and because time is so short, i have to search for really EASY recipes which i can make in a jiff! and thanks to the wonders of technology, there's so much out there! and sooooooo many food blogs! am i "suaku" or what? =p

and thanks to those who blog about their kitchen adventures, i have more "choices" for kaira! [anyway, old fashioned me, still prefers a cook book with glossy pictures and all :) ]

and talking about food, as i wanted to add variety to her breakfast, i started searching for pancake recipes. i didn't know that pancakes were also easy to make @ home!!!! and to think that i always thought that hotcakes @ Macs were a treat (for myself!!!) LOL.

amazed @ the new things that i discover @ this age ! =)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

13th month old

and the last one month (plus) has been quite a "stressful" month for her i think! cos there seems to be many adjustments that she's making.

her naps was erratic for a while. some days it was one nap, some days 2. thank God she's back to a 2 nap schedule most of the time so it's much better for me!!! =P

then her feeding! there was one week plus where she totally skipped her afternoon milk feed. when i tried to feed her, it was like i was going to poison her!! aaargh. and as suddenly as she decided to skip her afternoon milk feed, she decided she wants her milk in the afternoon again!!

meal times have also become more challenging. she suddenly decides that she doesn't like macaroni anymore ;( so, one thing off the menu for now! in addition, i need to think of ways to make meal times more interesting for her! like letting her play with stickers. or find brochures with animal pictures for her as she really likes them. sometimes i play music and sing along with her while feeding her. and some days i have to ensure that the "dishes" i prepare include stuff that she can self feed with her fingers (like carrot & celery sticks etc etc). some days i have to let her self feed with her spoon. really SO MANY PATTERNS!!!!! *faintz*

and recently, when we bring her out, its really very tiring ! cos she won't "follow" us and wants to explore the place her way. going here and there, touching this and that...kicking up a fuss when she doesn't get her way! i tell u.... very "jialat" sometimes!! hope her understanding increases real soon .........

ok ok, enuff of "complaints". let's see how cute she has been the last month :

1) when i play the CD and she recognises certain songs, she will automatically do the hand actions or nod (hmmm, mebbe a better word is "bob") her head like she's enjoying the music! very cute!!!!

2) the last week or so, she began to sign "where". when i ask her "where is xxxx", she signs "where". then look for the thing. when she cannot find, she will sign "where" again. as if to ask me for help to find it.

3) she likes to stamp her feet.

4) she's into kicking balls these days (if she was a boy, am sure that papa will think she's a footballer in making!)

5) she hasn't uttered any real words yet. juz mama, dada, nana, turtle, bye, mi, etc etc. only 2 words she gets correct all the time is mama and mum mum which she has been using since she was like 7 months. dunno when she will sprout new words?

so many other things but am abit tired now to blog.

so for now, an eventful 13th month :) and here's 13th month old kaira.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's My Birthday....

and we spent it @ the Monschau Christmas Market. A cold wintry day it was today! Abt -2 degrees celsius. Walked till my feet was numb =P hehehehe.

This was my birthday "cake" :

It was probably the "best" waffle i have ever tasted ... hahaha ...cos it was cold and the hot cherry sauce made my day!!!

it was a nice journey into Monschau with the snow capped trees and hills...and the market was cosy.

BUT, i was kinda disappointed cos maybe i was expecting it to be more like Aachen which we visited a couple of weeks back where there was a wider variety of christmas shopping & stuff. In Monschau, my feel is that the emphasis is on the food & local specialties so the shopping wasn't fantastic! and i had a shopping list!!!! which wasn't fulfilled at all. :( and the cold sometimes makes it a bit difficult to "enjoy" the place thoroughly...cos after a while, wanna go "hide" in somewhere warm....hahahaha.

guess each christmas market is unique. think i prefer a larger type of market with more things to see and browse. Monschau was a bit too small and cosy ;)

Nevertheless, a beautiful village.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dutch ID


after close to 6 months here, i finally got my ID today! Wow, so efficient rite?? LOL.

i can imagine how difficult it is to fit into the pace of life back home.... hehehehe.

so please please, don't laugh if i am like 20 steps slower than everyone else back home k?! LOLOL.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Baby Samuel.

I am so blessed to have a nephew, Baby Samuel, born 7 Dec 08. He is one special little one. I know the path ahead for him may be tougher than that faced by many others but yet I know, the Lord's grace and mercy will be poured out on him manifolds as well.

One may look at the difficulties and wonders why. But yet, if we look to the Lord, we know that He is in control and nothing is beyond Him. He will not give us more than what we can bear.

I know baby samuel will be a very blessed one. And I believe that through him many will come to know the Lord. God has a plan, a very good one for him indeed. And for my brother and sister in law, i know the Lord's grace and strength will be with you.

Even though I have not met you Baby Samuel, i love you. I look forward to holding you in my arms soon.

We brought the camera and didn't use it.... =P

We went to amsterdam to meet up with new friends, PeiPei, Lawrence and their little one trisha on Saturday. Had a great time having singaporean/malaysian food @ a restaurant called Nonya recommended by PP ....and of course the good company! :) (been a long time since we chatted with fellow singaporeans! =D)

and i was very blessed to get to know PP before coming over to eindhoven, for she was most helpful providing information ... which really helped alot! like the oriental supermarket which she told me about, was probably the best thing! :) God is good.

But But, we didn't take any photos! Aaargh! guess we were really enjoying the chit chatting and buzy looking after the little ones that we forgot! :(

trisha was born in Jan 07 and if we lived abit nearer to them, it would have been great! the 2 little ones can have playdates. i can't wait for kaira to be able to sprout words like trisha !

anyway, back to our lunch..... one thing i have confirmed -- it is really a very difficult task to feed kaira when there's no high chair around!!! it was a challenge on saturday cos she was like wanting to come down to walk and distracted by the surroundings. she's too "well trained" by the high chair!

[good thing we reached the restaurant slightly earlier & started feeding her before our friends arrived so when they came we are almost 2/3 done. otherwise difficult to have decent conversations while trying to feed porridge to the little one!]

and she was quite OK with seeing the new faces and didn't cry or fuss ... phew! but haha, she still dun know how to interact with other children yet.

look forward to seeing them again some time soon .....when they decide to travel down south ... :)