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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Never thought i'd be so HAPPY to be eating DIM SUM!!!!

when we were living in hkg and having dim sum so often....i often thought to myself that i've had enough dim sum to last me a lifetime!!!!! hehehe. never thought i'd miss it.... until we came over to eindhoven. =P

today we went to The Hague, and when we saw a Dim Sum restaurant, I was like, I WANT TO EAT DIM SUM!!!!! about slapping oneself ;p and so we headed to Chinatown and found a bustling restaurant, Kee Lun and really, had the BEST MEAL since i landed here in the Netherlands ... hahahaha....ok ok, maybe its an exaggeration but i really enjoyed the lunch even though we ordered like 2 dim sum items only and 1 plate of beef hor fun **yum yum**.

we really wanted to order more for the variety but honestly, how to finish the food between the 2 of us?? so the practical side of us took over :) i muz say that these days we are more sensible...hahaha.... i think in the past, i would have juz ordered MORE items for variety sake.... =P

and so here's a picture for memory sake :)

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