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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Her First Time .....

spending 1 hour away from her parents in Sunday School!!!

Praise the Lord that it went really well and she's was a "good" gal and enjoyed herself whilst mummie and papa finally sat through the entire sunday service together!

and today, she was such an angel welcoming people to the service together with mummie and papa @ the front door! and even shaking hands with some (note : not all! cos it depends on her mood....hehehe)

back to the sunday school thingie.

all these while i will have to keep her company in the play room and initially she will stick to me and only move around "me". slowly she became "braver" and will move around in the playroom on her own, playing with the toys or watching the other kids. so i thought, maybe it is time for her to be there alone (like most of the other children). and yesterday and this morning, before we went to church i kind of "prep" her and told her that i will leave her in the playroom with the aunties and other babies etc etc.

and when i brought her to the playroom, let her get acquainted with the sunday school helper and stood up to leave, she didn't even looked for me! :) :) my baby is really growing up.

and to think i was so afraid that she will cry and kick up a fuss! nothing of that sort! hallelujah praise the Lord!

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