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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Market

I have always wanted to visit a christmas market and its something that's been on my mind for years but somehow, our travel plans didn't quite make it!

and so when i arrived here in june, i know that this year will be the year my "dream" comes through.... hehehe.

there are so many beautiful german christmas markets ....really spoilt for choice!

this year, decided to take the easy way out by going to the nearest :) mebbe next year, will plan for visits to further ones ;)

today we visited the Aachen christmas and 2 weeks from now, will be visiting the monschau one. and thank God for a relatively good weather today! no rain, no snow, not much wind... perfect for strolling and browsing. and time passed so quickly!

must say that i think we were both kind of excited by our first visit to a christmas market that we didn't take alot of pictures!! was too focused browsing all the beautiful stuff and checking out the food and drinks ;p

next visit, will remember to take more pictures!!

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